Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Most Cosmic Cartoonist of All

 I remember--well, barely-a movie theater in Philadelphia at the end of the seventies, -watching "Altered States" and thinking I'd seen God.  Seriously.
Now, I might've had a little help with that perception---but nevertheless, I believed I'd had some kind of revelation.
Looking back, I suppose the amazing thing is that-- in the 60's and 70's-- we thought you could see a movie--like "Altered States"--or "2001"--and if one was in the proper ...frame of mind... it might--just might--- change your life.  If you were open to it.
The products of popular culture-- movies, music, comics--were more than mere commodities, more than mere entertainments. They were vehicles to an end--and the end was...? the progressive evolution of humankind...? utopia? transcendence? oneness with the cosmic mysteries? Who knew? We were certain someone did--specially endowed guides to the mysteries of existence-- shamans, musicians, artists, comic book artists.
Jim Starlin was like--one of those dudes clued in to the cosmic mysteries--like the Beatles or Dylan or Floyd--he was one of those guys with "The Answer".  By the time he was working on ""Captain Marvel", (and particularly CM #29)-Starlin was the full fledged  Cosmic Comics Guru--and I was absolutely certain that by the end of the Thanos story-arc in CM--that we'd all have achieved "cosmic awareness" along with Cap.
Did we ever get there?
Look around. What do you think?

But every time I pick up one of Jim Starlin's books from the seventies --whether it's Captain Marvel or Warlock-or even Shang-Chi---I'm willing to believe it's possible. And these days, that's no small thing, is it?

* my cover was done with the Uniroyal ball point pen, drawn quickly--30-40 minutes or so--and with no intention of adding color until much later.
there'll be plenty of Starlin to see--in various degrees of finish--
before the month is over!
Enjoy! And think Cosmic!

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