Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you're not reading "The Moon Prince"...

You say that now print is dead, and DC is driving the nail in the coffin--you're diving into the whole wild and crazy world of webcomics head first, like some kind of -of--dope fiend!? Some kind of addict who needs a fix so bad you're willing to betray anyone, your best friend--YOUR DOG?
Well-if you're jonezin' for a damn satisfying webcomics buzz-check it out- start reading "The Moon Prince" by my buddy, Kevin Mutch--and do it now!
"The Moon Prince" is pure, classic comics--and in another era it would have been a weekly page in the Sunday Funnies--revered today for its blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and good old fashioned adventure in the manner of "Treasure island", "Kidnapped" "Huck Finn" and "Harry Potter". 
Everything about "Moon Prince" is top notch--from the terrific characters, Molly and Max, Mr. Billy, Cedric Murray and  Kitiko the chesire cat-- to the seemingly effortless way Kevin drives his story forward week after week, leaving you wanting more with every page;  finally to the gorgeous art in the grand tradition of Hal Foster, Howard Pyle, the Fleischer Studios( think "Gulliver's Travels") Maxfield Parish and even Paul Chadwick--steeped in history but a style his own and that is completely contemporary.
"The Moon Prince" is the real deal--a classic for the webcomic era. Do yourself a favor--begin reading it today!

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