Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lookie Here!The Look Out! Monsters $1 Summer Blow Out Sale!

Hey there all you comics fans, art fans, art-comics fans--have I got a deal for you!
yep--you heard right--ONE DOLLAR COMICS!!!
and these aren't just any old smelly comics--these are BIG, FRGIGGIN' COMICS!
Not to mention, pain, sorrow, loss and love--and--yes, even a few YUCKS tossed in for good measure!

Here's the details--
For 3 days--beginning at 12:01 AM on Monday, June 6th 2011--and ending at midnight, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011--you can purchase the following comics for ONE BUCK-A-ROO each (+ shipping and handling--hey, I'll give the stuff away, but I can't go broke doin' it!):

POOD #1! (Jim Rugg, Sara Edward Corbett, Hans Rickheit, Joe Infurnari, Andres Vera Martinez and many more!)
POOD #2! (Same crazy cast of lunatics!)
FANDANCER by me, GG! 36 pages! Full color! Artsy type stuff-and deep profound thoughts about big breasted super-heroines, plus! a nasty, scary villain,  a few laffs and adventurous derring do!
LOOK OUT! Monsters! -the original, xeric winning big collage comic that got lotsa nice compliments from my friends and family!

How do you purchase these goodies?
Simply go to
--and click on the appropriate thumbnail to travel to the publication of your choice!

While the purchase prices will read as usual
($10. for fandancer, $5. for Look Out! Monsters!, etc.) --you will only be charged $1. for each of the above comics when you click the paypal button! & of course, via Paypal we(meaning "I") accept all those credit cards and paypal  methods of payment!

This offer lasts for 3 days and 3 days only-first come, first serve, as long as supplies last-so if you've ever wanted to get a hold of POOD--or you're crazy enough to want to check out  fandancer-
I'm dying to get these goodies outta my house and into your hands--soz I can fill up my house with all the NEW COMICS I wanna make!
And--I mean this sincerely-- just cause I lovezya! AHCHACHACHACHA!

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